The Importance of Not Stopping

Have you ever been to see a band or musician and half way through hear them say “ahh dam it, sorry guys let me start that again!” never, right?

That’s because they carry on even if they make a mistake, and there is a reason for it!

Whilst being fast and neat with your playing is down to practice, you can use a quick fix in your playing that most guitarists aren't aware of.

It’s a great mindset to have when playing guitar and this lesson, from guitar teacher SGMusic based in Salford, is going to walk you through simple steps to help you play more seamlessly.

What is this Guitar method?

This is a method that prioritises keeping in time over putting your fingers on the right note.

I know what you're thinking, you want me to get it wrong?! And the answer is yes, if needs be! The aim of the game is to PRACTICE NOT STOPPING... and if you make a mistake, move on.

After all you are supposed to make mistakes in the practice room otherwise how will you improve?

You are practicing 3 things:

1. Your timing.

(Playing without stopping may sound scruffy at first but it will help you develop a better sense of time and feel as you practice more.)

2. Faster chord changes.

(Changing chords can slow you down if you move each finger one at a time. Whereas, thinking about the general chord shape instead of each finger will generate a quicker change. Check out my blog on quicker chord changes.)

How to Do It

You should consider some other parts to this and this 3 step guide underneath will outline the process you need to take.

  1. Pick a passage of whatever it is your practicing, the shorter the better - (lower the tempo so it’s more playable.)

  2. Play the passage from start to end WITHOUT STOPPING

  3. Correct a mistake by altering your finger to the right note in time with the music - (What I mean by this last step is if the bar is for 4 beats long and you make a mistake on beat 1, you have 3 beats to correct your mistake - and if not move on!)

This gets you used to the idea that there’s no mistake that can’t be corrected and gives you a method on how to correct one!

Don’t worry if you have played your practice piece full of mistakes at first, as you’ll notice 1 out of 10 times was right, but the next 10 times you got 2 right and so on until 10 out of 10 times are being played perfectly and you have now improved your playing!

So what are you waiting for? Start not stopping!

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